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Marina Vivancos

Equal parts sweet and angsty, this story will make you fall in love with Rama and Pravat as their relationship develops. The world of Boys' Love dramas was super interesting, and it fit the characters and their story perfectly. Who doesn't love an on-set romance that becomes so much more? Amazing!

Autumn Breeze

Wanna Bet, the prelude to Rebecca James new series Balls and Brawn, had everything I love in a story—best friends, sexy as hell military men, and enough sexual tension to cut. When Jace and Logan test the boundaries of their friendship one of them is left very confused about what he is feeling. A little jealousy goes a long way! <br /> <br /> I'm looking forward to reading the Balls and Brawn Bodyguard Series by Rebecca James. <br /> It promises to be a fantastic read with a diverse range of characters.

Irina Christmann

I really enjoyed Aiden's Story an how he got himself to believe that he deserves to be loved, just like Lydo how got at last the courage to take hist live in his own hands.

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The Bogus Boyfriend

The quintessential nerd, Collin spends most of his time in front of a computer screen. He’s assured his old school friends he’ll be bringing a boyfriend to their meet-up in NYC, but there’s a problem: he doesn’t have a boyfriend.
Tattooed construction worker Damon doesn't expect anything out of the ordinary when visiting NYC. He certainly doesn't imagine getting trapped in the elevator with a sexy geek or offering to be the guy's fake boyfriend for the weekend. Something about Collin's nervous vulnerability makes Damon want to help the guy out. It also makes him tight in the pants.
Soon both men begin thinking past the long weekend to the future. But they live six hundred miles away from one another. Can a weekend fling become more, or will the two go their separate ways?