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The Attachment Race

In a not-so-distant future, human beings are being relocated from Earth to established settlements in near-space. But don’t worry, it’s all for the good of the species and survival of the planet. Belinda Q is among the most recent collection of people scooped up for assignment to other planets. Before she goes, however, Belinda and the other ‘expendable’ men and women will have a three-hour window in which to find a soulmate. It’s called the Attachment Race. Half absurdist tradition and half pragmatic matchmaking event, the Attachment Race will fill the final evening on Earth for Belinda and her peers. What could go wrong?


False Witness

When Cornelius "Connie" Philbin travels from his middling city in Iowa to Dallas on business, he's ready for an experience. Serendipity meets him halfway, as on his second full day in the Big D, the President of the United States will be visiting. But things don't quite go as planned, and in the intervening days, months and years, Connie's version of what happened--of what he saw--takes his life in directions he never could have anticipated. False Witness is a novella that captures a microcosm of the upheaval in American life that followed one day in Dallas.


16 Hours, 27 Minutes

In this prequel novella to the Vyyda series, it’s a race against time for Jack Busby—an unwilling translator for an interstellar crime organization known as Dirty Water. His value to them as a member of their operation won't save him from their wrath, however, when they become convinced he's betrayed them. Getting away from the planet where he serves their interests will not be easy: workers are monitored closely and confined to the innermost portion of the underground facility. A mix of ingenuity, desperation and luck are the recipe he'll need to gain his freedom.