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The Heiress Games Series - Chapter Sampler

SAMPLE CHAPTERS ONLY from the 3 books in my upcoming series, The Heiress Games (This is NOT a complete novel.)

Heiress Victoria Armington loved two things in life. Her pet pig Matilda and her hometown of Palm Cove, Florida. So when she dies, she leaves her considerable fortune to Matilda and sets up a competition among the last three remaining Armington descendants. The prize? Custody of the pampered pig and control of the money. Enter the 3 women in the running for the fortuneā€¦and the 3 men helping oversee the competition not knowing it will change their lives forever.

Contains chapters from: Least Likely Heiress (Book 1); Not Quite An Heiress (Book 2); The Forgotten Heiress (Book 3)