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His Rebound Girl 6 Chapters

Life isn’t fair. It isn’t easy. 
It’s who you find when you lose your way, that makes it all worthwhile. 


I’ve got bad taste in men. I always have. 
I’m like a magnet for losers. 

My last boyfriend knocked up my own sister, if that tells you anything. 

The very last man I met—shot me. 

These are clear signs that if I survive, I am through with men.

Waking up in the hospital to the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen in my life, make me think maybe I’m wrong. 

After all, this guy saved my life. Surely he’d be worth the gamble. 

He makes me laugh.
Finally, I think I’ve met the one. 

The Holy Grail of men! 
Honest, sweet, sexy, and great in bed. 
Did I mention great in bed? It needed repeating. 
Everything is perfect!

Until I meet his ex-wife...