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Legend of the Gypsy Queen Skull - The Devil's Triangle - Book 1

Do you like "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Harry Potter" or "Modern Family"? .... If so, then you'll Love "Legend of the Gypsy Queen Skull - The Devil's Triangle".

When Historical Researcher, Paul Bismarck, stumbles upon a 300-year-old Mystery of Lost Pirate Treasure, he thinks he's hit the Jackpot! ... But little does he know the Legend of the Gypsy Queen Skull will take his family on an Epic Magical Journey through time which is full of Pirates, Witches, Black Magic, Flying Brooms, Black Cats, Greek Gods, Hidden Caves, Epic Sword Fights and into the heart of one of the World's Greatest Mysteries of All, the Haunting of the Bermuda Triangle...

This is actually 2 FULL BOOKS combined into one, that'll keep you captivated for hours!