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When Life Happens, Don't Blink

This is an anthology of tales both fiction and fantasy. Some are shorts, some are excerpts. All are about people living life as it is handed to them. Sometimes people make the best of an unusual situation. Sometimes people take the reins of their lives and things go horribly wrong. But strength is found in those who have the courage to look life in the eye... Don't Blink!


Short Horror Trio

Three thrilling tales to bring you shivers... and nightmares.

*A chemical spill may have effected the residents of a small town when their dreams become reality.
*A pair of mirrors turns a late night at a museum into a bloodbath.
*A night security guard teaches a rookie the details of a job where it is more important to protect people from the building than vice versa.


Crazy, Not Stupid

This is a collection of poems that I've written throughout the years. These are not sweet poems for lovers to read aloud on a warm summer's eve. These poems are filled with anger, passion and jealousy.
Some poems are about personal relationships. Some are about politics. Some are about the crazy thoughts that go through our heads.
We are all a little crazy. Life makes us that way.