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Setting Goals: In Pursuit of Fabulous

Want to make a living from your passions but not sure how to get there?
What’s holding you back?
Do you find yourself setting goals and about 5 minutes later forget and are on to something else? (Of course this leads to getting mad at yourself when you’re not reaching those goals.)
Do you get frustrated because you know WHAT you want to accomplish but aren’t sure HOW to get there?
Are you unsure if your goals are the right ones?
Do you want to make a living from your blog and need to create a crazy kick-ass goal to get there?
The Goal Setting: make profits from your passions ebook and workbook will help you:

Determine your ULTIMATE WRITING GOAL and your WHY
Create short-term goals and milestones
Make your goals S.M.A.R.T.
Develop actions and timelines for your goals
Execute and follow-up


Stilettos & Scoundrels

When thirty-something redhead Presley Thurman is fired from her job for telling her boss where to shove it, she feels unexpectedly happy. She decides to take a trip home to visit her parents and regroup, but when a senator visiting her small town is murdered, her visit turns out to be anything but relaxing. Nosy by nature, Presley can’t help but get involved, especially when she learns that Cooper Sands, a handsome high school friend, has been working for the senator.
Presley needs to find out who killed the Senator, but will the answer hit too close to home?