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Grace Jolliffe was born in Liverpool but now lives on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.

Her fast-paced crime thriller, Piggy Monk Square, was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers Prize, optioned for film by Willy Russell, and broadcast on Ireland’s RTE Radio One.

She used to teach script-writing and creative-writing and has also written and produced documentaries and short films for Television and Film Festivals

She now focuses full time on writing novels and When The Sun Shines, The Sunshine Girl, Sweet Little Things and Tell Me Magic Lies are currently available on Amazon.

She has recently completed another novel in her Liverpool series and Kindness and Strangers will be available shortly.


Historical Fiction
Humor & Entertainment
Women's Fiction

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Tell Me Magic Lies

Tell Me Magic Lies is a short funny, nostalgic and heartbreaking Christmas story.
Someone’s got to make Christmas happen. 
Josie's heart breaks when she thinks about Frankie.
Her best friend’s family is going hungry because Frankie’s dad forgot all about them - the day he left home.

Frankie’s little brothers don’t believe in Santa any more. How can they when they can barely believe in food?
Josie desperately wants to bring the magic back but can a proud family celebrate Christmas with no money coming in? 

She’s determined to do whatever it takes to help but Josie doesn’t have much herself, and she can’t do it on her own.

An unlikely stranger might make things change, but then again he could make things worse.

Can Josie bring Christmas back to the family that Santa forgot?


Sweet Little Things

It could have been a beautiful friendship.
She’s all alone and scared.
Her new neighbour could be a friend. She's a young girl with a beautiful little son.
It could have been a beautiful friendship but will Pat be able to face her fears?
Read this nostalgic and uplifting look back into a gritty 1970s Liverpool.


When The Sun Shines

If only life was fair. 
Josie wouldn't have to pretend to be happy.
All she wants is a room of her own, but she's got more chance of flying to the moon on a homemade space wagon because right now there's nothing in her pockets except a bit of fluff. 
Then she meets a smiling stranger but is there something funny about Mick?
Filled with fun, nostalgia and hope this funny, heartwarming story is a look back to gritty 1970s, Liverpool.
Grace Jolliffe is the award-winning author of Liverpool based The Sunshine Girl, Sweet Little Things, and Piggy Monk Square. Her next novel, Kindness and Strangers will be out soon.