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From An Irradiated Crypt (Book Three of the Rail Legacy)

Railroad City, Missouri, 1891:
What hath struggle wrought? Years after the American government clamped down on the Rail, its superhuman population is no closer to equality than before, despite the riots and actions of vigilantes Flag Banner Epsom and crew.
Now scattered to the four winds, demoralized, our heroes must overcome their own obstacles, traverse new ground, and rise above their fears if they are ever to free the oppressed, and remind America of what it truly means to be free and equal under the law.
Meanwhile, the Stimuli Club, evil of evils, plots and waits...


The Unsafe Occupant

1877 Railroad City, MO:
in a city recently granted superhuman powers by a bizarre foreign element, strange is the new normal. Now, a murder will stun the police, and require the talents of a few of these superhuman 'paranormals'. But the killer they seek is no common man, or even anything like themselves...


Perilous Ping (a junior novel of retropunk tragedy and rage)

The Sky War is the end of civilization. In the throng of destruction, one lone man will be broken by the enemy. Used and abused, they will make a mockery of him. They will will make a tool of him. They will make him into something...perilous.


The Blossom of Hours (a junior novel of the Spaceman)

1878: The Guild of Honor, superhumans in the Victorian Wild West, have fended off an attack yet again. But for one of their members, Spaceman, the fair Moon calls him despite the battles. He has had enough. On a dangerous mission, he will venture to Luna, to uncover why this mysterious orb has taken over his mind. What could possibly be on a dead world?
He intends to find out...


Those Tumultuous Tickertape Tommies

1890 is a dangerous year to be young and heroic. Extraordinary humans are on the run from the government. But for the normal information courier called Tommy Nextyear, danger is par for the course. Having taken up a less than savory occupation after the events of the Rail Race Riots, Tommy finds himself on the wrong end of the law, and his own moral compass. Can he perform his mad task, save lives plus his own skin and, perhaps, find himself along the way?


The Case of the Radium Raid (a junior novel of steam noir in the Rail)

1904: RAILROAD CITY, MISSOURI. A case is in need of solving. A detective is hired, here, in the Rail, where the military holds sway and superhuman persons are persecuted. David McLane is man paid to find a stolen item. What he will find instead, is the truth of what's going on, and the truth about himself.


Down Jersey Driveshaft

World War on the American homefront...but this is not the war against the Axis Powers. Something sinister and beyond imagining has penetrated the salt marshes and idyllic surroundings of Salem County, New Jersey. It will take the bravery of strangers and locals, along with some startling new technology, to beat back the tide of this unstoppable nightmare. For those who have never experienced it before, this is DIESELPUNK. A reimagining of the early 20th Century, more advanced, more deadly, more classy than what we have today. It is yesterday's look with tomorrow's tech, retrofuturism. This is DOWN JERSEY DRIVESHAFT.


Cerulean Rust (Book Two of the Rail Legacy)

In the sequel to An Unsubstantiated Chamber, Flag Epsom, Aretha Astin and more are confronted by the hostile machinations of foes unseen. The actions of fiends will tear the Rail apart, dividing friends and bringing together enemies After the dust settles, will there still be a Railroad City?


An Unsubstantiated Chamber (Book One of the Rail Legacy)

In Victorian America, a miraculous event occurred. A rare element granted superhuman 'talents' to many, From those affected came the legendary guild of Honor, a force for justice in a bleak world. They advanced technology, saved the globe from disaster, excited the nation--
--and died . Killed by the government, the age of heroes is over. The land they defended, Railroad City, is under martial law.
Now, a bitter professor, once a friend of the Guild, and a pitiless assassin will uncover things are worse than is known. WIll they recall the spirit of heroism and rise up, or falter towards self preservation like the rest of America?