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Sinners #1 - Hope is Dead

Hope Martinez woke up dead this morning. In the hallway, the body of Danny, her on/off boyfriend, lays lifeless.

Panicking, she runs, but only so far as the limousine that's been waiting for her outside.

Now, she has a new job. Now, Hope travels the US, guided by the sinister GPS, gathering sinners, and dispatching them into the trunk of her car in a blinding flash of light.



Gone #1

The AssistA robot wakes up alone on board the Tantallon, a spacecraft which should be home to thousands of crew. Deciding to investigate, AssistA starts to receive interference in the form of memories from one the missing crew members. Exactly what has happened on Tantallon? And is AssistA as alone as he first thought?


Robyn Free Preview Comic

Robyn is a gender-flipped version of Robin Hood, for ages 7 and up! This preview has the first 8 pages from #1, which is currently receiving fantastic reviews.