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J.Z.N. McCauley

I loved reading Haven! The world of Warshard is fascinating and draws you into Haven's troubles in her kingdom and in her personal life. The villain was terrifying, so very well done! The pacing was great, the romance was lovely, and I'm eager to see more of the characters in the following chronicles.

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Daughter of Chaos

Liars. Thieves. Traitors.

The few people Narra trusted with her life have betrayed her, and she’s not ready to forgive.

Her uncle is missing, the Thieves Guild is trapped in the palace dungeons, and she just killed the son of a man she cared for. Her guilt just might kill her—if the assassins don’t first.

Narra will use any means necessary to get the Thieves back.

Even if that means leaving a trail of bodies in her wake.

Magic is real, and it’s deadly as hell. Follow Narra as her treacherous journey continues in Daughter of Chaos.



Queen of Thieves

Steal to live, but never forget your brothers.

Narra Rheka has had the motto of the Thieves Guild burned inside her since she could speak. Born of two thieves, she’s a ruthless and deadly Commander, cold to all but her best friend.

But even a Commander with no troops can fall prey to a manipulative father with suspect intentions. Stuck under his thumb, she’s forced to obey him until the day he dies. Finally free of the man to torture her into the woman she is today, she should be happy. But even in death his voice haunts her.

Desperate for answers, Narra will make all the wrong choices to find out who killed her father. If she doesn’t suceed, she might go mad before she can avenge anyone.



The Darri Commission

Selene’s body is gone for good.
But that’s not the half of it.

The smugglers are reunited, the Alliance mole is dead, and though it should be a time for celebration, they’re not out of hot water just yet.

Selene’s clone body is dying, and she’ll have to make nice with a pirate captain to get a new one. But when Rem discovers Earth has been sold to a violent alien species, the smugglers and what’s left of the Alliance must join together with pirates to warn the world, or watch the only home they’ve ever known go up in smoke.

Join Selene, Rikkard and the rest of the crew in book three of the Dominion Rising series!


The Smugglers Legion

Desperate to flee his hometown, Rikkard will risk everything to steal an alien drug prototype in exchange for a job with the most notorious criminal's on Earth.




The world is made of monsters.
Adni might be one of them.

Adni, the daughter of a treasure hunter, has always despised her father’s bizarre occupation and loathes every family trip in search of riches. Always desperate for more, her father shoves her off a waterfall to retrieve treasure at the bottom of a lake. Instead, Adni is swept up in a violent underwater current, only to be rescued by Julian, a mysterious woman with a flirtatious smile.

Desperate to flee the oppression of her family and the mountains, Adni escapes with Julian to Salander in search of her real father – who might just be a worse monster than the man she left behind.



Queen of Thieves

Ruthless commander. Cunning thief. Deadly blademaster.

Narra is a second generation thief raised in the Guild by her iron-fisted father. Growing up, she dreamed his death would free her, but when he shows up dead in the wreckage of a train destroyed by the Revolution, the happiest day of her life is ruined by one word: traitor.

Her father is accused of betraying the only thing she thought he ever really loved; the Thieves Guild. To prove his innocence, and remove the stain from her name, Narra will go to darker places than she ever thought possible and be forced to work with people she doesn’t dare trust.

If she fails, she’ll lose more than her sanity or her life.

She’ll lose the Guild.



Princess Haven was never meant to be queen.

Her immortality has saved her time and time again, but when the last of her royal family dies at her feet, she is next in line to rule a nation on the brink of war. With no formal training, Haven must rise to the occasion with the help of her personal guards, or risk losing everyone she has ever loved.

Between assassination attempts and brutal scare tactics, the evil tyrant Kadia’s army is fast approaching. Haven’s neighbors are quick to fall under the swords of Kadia’s shadow soldiers, leaving a sea of bodies and a clear path to Haven’s only home.

Haven must make a choice; take her people and flee to the foreign Republic across the sea or lead a last stand against a powerful dictator.




Daughter of Chief Ruin, Breen is one of the most fearsome warriors in the Southern Delica savages-cover-onlyTribe, but nothing can stop the Emperor from reaping the Savage Lands for soldiers.

When her village is attacked, Breen is taken from her home and her family to the Seaburn Academy, where southern savages are broken and chained into a life of service to the Empire. Through the beatings and torture, Drakkone, one of the few Seaburn-born soldiers, brings solace to her days and gives her hope for the future.

Once freed of the Academy dungeons, Breen is sentenced to daily training between her plots for escape. But one night of unexpected passion turns into a problem bigger than either of them could have imagined.

Breen and Drakkone must risk capture and flee the city or death might be



Cinder's Cold

In a time when war ravages the six kingdoms, Astrid is sent to the family summer home in the Cinder Mountains for her own safety. Only she doesn't expect the knee-high snow and frigid temperatures. With only her guards to protect her, Astrid must dig deeper than she ever thought herself capable of in order to survive.

CINDER'S COLD is part of the FYRE short story collection. Available now!



The Aldar Dominion

The Aldar Dominion saved the world.

Then they damned it.

After solar flares decimated Earth’s population, the alien corporation gave humans a recipe for immortality and hope for the next generation.

Selene is an animal smuggler in an age where animal conservation no longer exists. While fleeing Dominion drones during a mission gone wrong, Selene suffers a debilitating head injury. The pain unlocks nightmares from twenty years Selene lost: stark labs, and human experiments. These visions could hold the key to why natural-born human children are disappearing, but worse than that, they reveal a sinister plot centuries in the making.