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Science Fiction


T.C. Harrison

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The Tilt, Book One in the Tilt Series

Some call him hero. Some call him butcher. But he’s their only hope for survival...

A man-made cataclysm survivors call The Tilt claimed Jon Streg’s wife and daughter. Having nothing left, he’s driven to the brink, becoming judge, jury, and executioner within the Free Nation of Alaska. With a taste for rotgut whiskey and deadly gunplay, he learns the man who caused The Tilt intends to resurrect the failed experiment and finish what he started. Justice must be done, even if it means trusting unlikely allies. But will the ticking clock, bloodthirsty mercenaries, and a fanatical madman be too much for this battle-scarred lawman to handle?

Gritty and action-packed, The Tilt will take you on a thrilling ride through a post-apocalyptic world and one man’s quest for retribution and redemption


No Mercy: TBone's Test

No fear. No mercy. No problem.

Seven years after the apocalypse known as the Tilt laid waste to the land, TBone Tosi, son of the council chairman, longs to climb out of his father’s shadow. He’s determined to gain respect by becoming one of the legendary rangers, but his father forbids it.

When a gang leader threatens bloodshed on the citizens of Old Anchorage, TBone sees his chance to impress and journeys into the lawless ruins alone. But life there is cheap, and if he’s to make it home alive he must learn the first rule of survival: Show. No. Mercy.

Fast-paced and gripping, No Mercy: TBone’s Test will immerse you in an unforgiving post-apocalyptic world where making a living means not dying.

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Changes - A Horror Short Story

It’s another beautiful day in a quiet American suburb.

Carl lives with his widowed father, works in a local grocery store, and loves watching TV programs about insects. He has a pleasant, routine life that he enjoys.
But all that is about to change.