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Evening's Secret

Evening Burnwick lives in a land where young men and women are entombed underground to make the crops grow. She craves more than a peasant life, but she feels crushed beneath the foot of the landlords. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she is poaching on the Church’s lands and runs into an irritable shapeshifter with problems of his own.
This short, charming, coming of age fantasy contains LGBT characters and encourages everyone to find their own truths.


Here Be Dragons: A Firelighter's Tale

A cynical wharf witch’s world is turned on end when her childhood sweetheart returns from the sea.

In this short story, Candle is a firelighter, selling fragments of her spirit to the hopeless and lost. It’s a rough livelihood, but she’s a survivor and allows herself few regrets. Then Tern shows up. The boy she once loved—who left so mysteriously—is now a gorgeous man who acts as if they’re friends. How can he act as if nothing ever happened? And how can she help him when she wants to tear him in two?