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Dragon's Desire

Dragon shifter Pahlin Stormcaller has undertaken the Wandering, a seven-year journey to the human world to find himself before taking his rightful place in dragon society. Life in the human world isn’t what he expected, and Pahlin finds himself earning a meager living by fighting—and losing—in a secret shifter fight club. But when he meets headstrong bartender Violet, his luck turns around.

Violet Ray can't explain the influx of muscle-bound hotties in her bar, but she’s not complaining. When one of them threatens her, she’s ready to protect herself. But nothing prepared her to learn that magic was both real and deadly, or for the cutie at the bar to turn into a dragon to defend her. Can she trust this man who is more than he seems, or is he too dangerous to risk her heart?


Dirty Laundry

Charity Pierson is a southern-bred monster hunter, made of equal parts sugar, sass, and Southern Comfort. Trouble has a way of finding her, even when she’s not looking. In this exciting prequel short story to SWEET CHERRY PIE, Charity finds herself on the hunt for a family of ghouls terrorizing a small town in Alabama. However, Charity quickly learns that the locals may be more of a threat than the restless undead, adding vigilante cashiers, well-meaning smalltown cops, and stubborn bloodstains to her ever-growing list of problems.



Midnight Flight - A Dragons of Ascavar Novella

On leave from his boring duty standing guard over the Gate, a portal between the worlds of humans and dragons, dragon-shifter Shazakh plans to party hard in Las Vegas. But when a beautiful human woman crosses his path and disrupts his plans, his oath to keep the secret of his kind becomes much more difficult.

This standalone novella is a direct prequel to the enchanting paranormal romance series, The Dragons of Ascavar, which kicks off with Book 1, Wings of Stone. This series promises sexy dragon shifters, heart-pounding action, and heart-warming romance. Find out why readers can't put this series down!