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Women's Fiction

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To everyone else, we are just colleagues. I’m his assistant and he is the powerful Senator. In private he is my world. My sad, lonely, desperate, addictive world. The man who controls me and who I can’t live without. The man my body craves like oxygen and my head can’t stand. My heart breaks every time he looks away and bursts into life with just one touch from his hand. When he smiles, it lights up my soul and when he frowns it causes desire to flood my body. My mind is f***ed, just as much as my body by the man who is never far from my side. That is for two more days, anyway.
In two days’ time, he will marry another-In two days’ time, I will escape.



The Highest Bidder - A Billionaire Fantasy

I knew he was trouble!

The moment I saw him I knew. Tall, dark & dangerous, with a body inked to perfection, that could bring a woman to her knees.
He won me in an auction and paid a heavy price. Two weeks to live out his fantasy to the letter. He will control me, use me and make me submit to his every wish.
At the end of it, I can walk away with Ten Million Dollars.
Love doesn't come into it - it's a business deal, a transaction, no emotion involved. What could possibly go wrong?
As it turns out - everything.

This book is sexual, with sexual scenes and language. If you enjoy an intimate story, then read on - if not walk away now if you are easily shocked.

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