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ZL Marcum fought the law, and the law... well, they managed a stalemate, at least. Finally understanding the inherent sustainability problems of his poorly chosen career path, ZL switched to the only *other* skill he had: spinning yarn (metaphorically speaking).

Having worked as a PMC contractor, a knife salesman, a guitar salesman, an electronics repair/salesman, a jazz trombonist, a music tutor, a criminal, and as a freelance writer, ZL can firmly state that writing novels is the perfect day job for him.


Science Fiction

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Daisy's Next Dimension (Book 1)

Daisy Rudolph’s just a normal billionaire heiress, and her aunt Jess Rudolph is just a normal homicidal genius: they can’t understand why things keep going wrong for them.

After her father’s tragic passing, grad-student and globetrotting heiress Daisy Rudolph inherits more than his multibillion-dollar empire when a mysterious woman crashes the wake, claims to be Daisy’s aunt, and promptly takes everyone hostage. Though Daisy wakes up with only the faintest memory of the events, she’s sucked into the globetrotting intrigue, squaring off against secret agents, aliens, nanobots, and a world of sci-fi shenanigans, all to find the woman who may be her father’s last blood (but is almost certainly a psychopath).