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Robert Harkess grudgingly shares his writing time with his real-world job, where he does things with computers and bosses people about. He lives just north of London with a wonderful wife and two attention-seeking dragons shape-shifted into the forms of conventional felines. He blogs, a nasty habit that many have tried to break him of, at


Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult

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Underland: Warrior Stone Book 1

Underland is a twisted copy of The Real that uses industrialised magic to power a weird mix of stolen technology. It’s just enough like The Real to make travelers over-confident and get them into trouble. Which is just what happened when Claire Stone accidentally falls through rushing home one night. Claire is offered a job as a Warrior, hunting down and destroying shape shifting monsters.What adventure-hungry lover of fantasy could refuse? Everything seems great, until a friend goes missing and the Warrior has to turn Hunter.
“An under-London for The Hunger Games generation. Elegantly written, emotionally underpinned, and inventive.”
Kim Lakin-Smith



A Meeting of Minds

Half the Earth is a smouldering cinder, torched by a raging Sun. A Dagashi starship squats in the ruins of London, doling out food and water in return for broken tech.

Jax is ‘Mule’. He gives rides to the Dagashi, using a Halo that lets the aliens hear and feel along with their human hosts. The links have always been one way - until one of the Dagashi speaks to him.

Jax’s life collapses into confusion; nothing is what is seems to be: not the girl who talks through his Halo, not the world around him, and definitely not the Dagashi. Jax has to battle for control of his thoughts and emotions as what is left of the world turns against him and throws him into a dark adventure of love and betrayal.