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By the Book (Steamy Billionaire Romance. Part 1)

A Librarian in a small town, Clara’s heart broke three years ago. Now she lives in a world of books and rules to ensure it never happens again.

The only part of her still free is her imagination, living out the fantasies in her head that she can never have in real life.

But her safe life changes when a mysterious stranger takes shelter from a storm in her library. Stuck together for the night, will he be able to tear down her walls? And if he does, what will be the consequences?

By the Book is a short, steamy romance. It contains smoking hot action between a curvy librarian who plays by the rules and the devilishly handsome Billionaire intent on breaking them. It includes raunchy scenes which are for adults only!



Billionaire Attraction (Steamy Billionaire Romance)

Not every problem could be solved with money – except it seemed that mine could. How far was I willing to go?

Sexy, curvaceous Anna Watson is desperate for money, but when a potential employer tries to take advantage, she realizes there are some things she just won’t do.

She is rescued by handsome billionaire Jake King, who witnesses the exchange and employs her as his personal assistant. Her first job? Take him suit shopping. She needs the money, and he's willing to give it to her, but it's also the one thing that's stopping them from taking the connection they can see in both their eyes further.

As passion makes the lines between work and play start to blur, Anna must ask herself – can she hold back, or will she allow her body's desires to take over?

A sexy, steamy novella!