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Hallie Goodway

Ugh.. love your cover for this!!

William Tyler Davis

I'm only partway into Jackson Kross. So far I'm enjoying every bit.

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Name of a Hero

This is a reader exclusive short story.
When my fans had asked me for the backstory of Darren and Jackson, I decided to write the answer and make it available for free.


Jackson Kross and the Dragon Girl

Killing her will bring gold and glory. Saving her will bring death and dishonor.

A knight as well as a dragon-rider, Jackson dreams of being a paladin adept in the arts of swords and magic. But on a visit to London, he meets a friend who gives him a menial task--to teleport an orphaned girl to her family in Otherworld. Stumbling into a bog of injustice, his life gets more daunting when he discovers a well-guarded secret that could change the world.

Now with the Witch Hunt on, he needs to make daring choices between honor and justice, knighthood and treason--and above all, love and life.
Will Jack survive the Hunt? And if he does, will he remain the same?

The Hunt has begun, and so have the wars of steel and magic.


Teenage Mage

“Magic, like love, is a dangerous game—it takes a strong heart to play it.”

Apart from working as a blacksmith’s apprentice for his pocket money, Kleiner Palmrock was a normal fourteen-year-old teenage dwarf. He loves magic, has a crush and a victim story—all while being in his dream girl’s friend-zone. With an endless love towards Skyla, Klein wasn’t the typical guy who would end up in a happily ever after.

But Klein never gave up.

Then along came Ayesha Kaur, an Agent in her twenties, pulling him into her mysterious life. Caught in between her secret encounters and the battle between love, magic, and a secret society, Klein’s life was already changing.

Now he didn’t dream of happily-ever-afters, he only dreamed about making it out alive.