Teen & Young Adult


Melinda Kucsera

Great premise!

Rae B. Lake

The cover is super awesome I would love to read this!

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The Fae: A Short Prequel

Can a demon's kiss save her daughter from the curse?

About to be married to the most powerful demon of the Forest, Leia runs away from her grim fate together with a mortal she has fallen in love with, only to realize that the fate she is running away from will be passed like a curse to her firstborn daughter.

And now that her daughter is born, and the evil armies of the demon—the Dark Children of the Forest—are out to get her child, she can't do anything but blame herself, and hope against hope that the young demon in-charge may be her daughter's silver lining after all.

The Fae is the first intriguing prequel to The Children of the Forest series.