Charles W. Harvey is a native Houstonian and a graduate of the University of Houston. He has studied fiction under the guidance of Rosellen Brown and Chitra Divakaruni. In 1987, Charles was a 1st place prize recipient of PEN/Discovery for his short story Cheeseburger, which went on to be published in the Ontario Review. In 1989 Charles Harvey was awarded the Cultural Arts Council of Houston Grant for Writers and Artists. Charles has been published in Soulfires, Story Magazine SHADE, High Infidelity, The James White Review, and others. He is the author of the novels The Butterfly Killer, Promise Goodday, Boy For Hire, and Maura and Her Two Husbands. He is also the author of several story and poetry collections.


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Kristina Bryson

I can't wait to read this. Even just the description makes me laugh!

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Coming Home Tomorrow

Louis is coming home from the hospital. Evans faces a dilemma. Does he want to be the faithful and dependable lover to Louis or give in to his desire for freedom? Louis' recovery will be long and difficult. The shadow of Louis' unfaithfulness hangs over he and Evans' relationship. After all, the car accident occurred during Louis' affair with a stranger. What decision will Evan's make? Will a young man he met at the hospital help him make up his mind? Is Louis a changed man?


The Dean's List

Sorrow indeed turns to joy as Ekundayo a young student at State University pays a visit to the Dean. He seeks help from Dean Porter to "fix" his failing grades before his Nigerian Mother arrives for visit, and he has to face her disappointment and scolding. Dean Porter knows just what this young man needs. Ekundayo spends an afternoon bent over the Dean's desk and is grateful for the experience.


Bedroom Tales

For gay men and, women who love gay erotic stories
Who needs sleep when you can read something hot? The picture on the cover isn’t the only thing sizzling. And you thought you were too old for books with pictures? The stories are nice too.


Maura and Her Two Husbands

In this sexually charged novel, we meet Maura and Sidney, a young couple going through the motions of being in love as they climb the corporate ladder at their respective jobs. Their relationship is comfortable, but lacks excitement, until one day Maura comes home early and catches Sidney having sex with a man. Maura's reaction may surprise you as her emotions, fears, and repressed desires pull her into a very unusual arrangement.



The Butterfly Killer

Elliot Cross is a serial killer. His victims are about to achieve a long-sought goal or dream of a lifetime. Along comes Elliot to snatch their lives away at the cusp of their achievement. The victim might be a schoolboy about to take his driver's test or a woman about to give birth. All the victim has to do in Elliot's eyes is be more focused on themselves at the moment than Elliot's God. After all, Elliot's God says, thou shall put no other god's before me. And he has chosen Elliot to enforce that first commandment. So Elliot Cross says.