L. S. O’Dea sees things a bit differently than most people. This is probably a bi-product of being the youngest of seven children in a time when TV was only worth watching in the evenings or Saturday mornings and there were no computers. Back then, kids had to amuse themselves and being five years younger than her closest sibling she was often the unwilling entertainment.

Since she was so much younger than her brothers and sisters, it was only reasonable that they knew how to do many things that she could not, such as read and write. One day, before she started kindergarten, she really wanted to learn how to spell her name. Her mother was busy cooking or cleaning (she had seven children to care for), so her brothers were instructed to help their baby sister.

After she learned how to spell her first and middle name (Linda Sue), she raced into the kitchen to share this new knowledge with her mother. She was so proud, standing tall and reciting the letters of her name. L-E-M-O-N H-E-A-D.

Her mother was not happy with her brothers and stopped what she was doing to teach Linda the correct way to spell her name. L. S. still receives a box of Lemonhead candy every year for Christmas.


Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult

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Lake Of Sins: Escape

Imagine a world where all domestic animals and all wild animals over twenty pounds are gone. Extinct. The human population has also been decimated by this Great Death, but a new world--the world of the Lake of Sins--is reborn, populated by human-animal hybrids and ruled with absolute authority by the Almightys—descendants of the human race.

Follow Trinity, a sixteen year old Producer (the lowest of classes) on her quest to discover where the teenagers not chosen to breed are taken. She has one week to uncover the secret but she doesn’t anticipate being hunted by predators long thought to be extinct and genetic mutations that should only exist in legend.

A dark fantasy story that seamlessly weaves into the action issues of segregation and subjugation that are present in our world today.


Lake Of Sins: Secrets In Blood

The disturbing and yet exciting sequel to Lake of Sins: Escape (FREE on Amazon and other major ebook retailers!)

Having discovered the horrible fate of her kind, Trinity has left her family behind and is fleeing from the Almightys. Her friends have promised to help her, but they don’t know that her blood holds a secret that some in power want revealed and others want destroyed.

Hugh Truent, an Almighty, learns that Trinity is a product of the mating of two different classes which is impossible, but if it’s true, it’s the discovery of a lifetime. He must catch her before she is destroyed, but someone will stop at nothing to ensure he fails, putting his life and the lives of those he loves in danger.


Lake Of Sins: Escape

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A teenage outcast. A shadowy ceremony. Discovering society’s monstrous truth may not keep her from becoming the next victim…

In a world of human-animal hybrids, Trinity is at the bottom of the food chain. Humans rule with an iron first and half-breeds like her must keep their parentage a secret. Every year, breeders are chosen and the rejected teens are carted away to parts unknown…

Trinity sneaks off to the forbidden woods to search for answers. What she finds there destroys her preconceptions: mutated monsters and predators she thought were extinct. With time running out before she and her friends receive judgment, Trinity must quickly concoct a plan to keep herself and everyone she loves off the cart…