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Lee Isserow is an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker, with almost twenty years spent trawling the back streets and dark alleys of the 'entertainment' industry.
Now semi-retired, they write a book or two a month, because Aspergers compels it.

Lee lives in Liverpool, England because they accidentally bought a house there. They're not quite sure how that happened - but assumes part of that is because they used to drink a lot...


Humor & Entertainment
Other (Fiction)
Science Fiction
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Eden Crowne

Fun and intruiging! Who DOESN’t want to read about a magical P.I.? Especially one who is a little less than perfect and is about to find himself in heaps of supernatural trouble!

Sue Hollister Barr

Truthfully, nothing attracted me to Lee Isserow's A Sensitive Time till I read the first word. But this dark romance of the paranormal is utterly intriquing and perfectly written.

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He's wondering if he's been dead this whole time, like Bruce Willis.
In the Sixth Sense, that is, not generally. He's pretty sure Bruce Willis hasn't been dead this whole time.

Even though he can remember being at his sister's wedding, he's not in a single photo, even though he's certain he posed in them.
The voices beg the question; what if it wasn't *his* sister's wedding? What if he accidentally crossed into a parallel reality?
And if he did, how will he get home?

Tangents is a spin-off of the novel 'What A Day To End The World', available exclusively from Amazon.




The winding and weaving tale of the most powerful magician in all the lands, from his final days to his first steps into magic and back again.

Footprints is a spin-off of the novel Shadowmancer, available exclusively from Amazon.


Lines Through Time - The Last Generation -

Could you sacrifice everything to save the world?

The world as we know it ended... but life goes on.
Alice lives in a bunker with her fellow survivors, her days wasted with a game, one that allows her to disappear into the past by reliving her ancestors' memories.

But what if the game is a lie?
What if her consciousness is actually travelling through time?
A few alterations and her entire life could be different!

And when one lives at the brink of extinction, isn't everything is worth sacrificing?
The person you love?
Your child?
Your life?
If it means the end of the world doesn't have to be the end of the world...



The Whimsyless Tale Of Firstname Lastname

A dark contemporary fairy tale of a young man, who due to a tragically comic series of events ends up being known as 'Firstname Lastname'.
He spends his life dreaming of whimsical adventures with quirky characters.
But alas, they always seem to elude him, to the bitter end.


A Sensitive Time

She lies with him in bed, holding him close. The exhaustion from all the grief finally overtook him, and he has fallen into a restless sleep.

But something is brewing inside her, a change in her chemistry. And soon she'll find out more than she ever wanted to know about the man she loves.


The Knowledge preview

Some things are not for humanity to know - knowledge is a destructive force in the hands of those not intended to wield it. And e The Circle's combined might pales in comparison to the untold power of a creature that in no uncertain terms. . . is a god.



Touch Sensitive

An EXCLUSIVE preview of the novel Touch Sensitive -

John Ballard is a PI with a condition. One in a million born with a sensitivity.
He absorbs the memories of whatever or whoever he touches.

The cops call him in to help on a case, a gruesome murder that only someone with his gift can solve.
But absorbing the memories of the mutilated body is going to send John's life spiralling out of control. Force him to cross every line, betray everyone who trusts him.

But he wants to find the killer – needs to find her – because the one thing that's clear about the woman behind the crime, is that she's a sensitive too


Testing Ground

Skelmersdale has always been a testing ground for pilot schemes.
Nathaniel Myra visits to investigate how the latest trial is going, but discovers that strange things are afoot in the quiet, dull town. The residents aren't adjusting at all well to this latest scheme. Not well at all...

Testing Ground is a prequel to the novella Footage, and the novel NLI-10, both available exclusively from Amazon.



The Loiterers

They've been watching... and now they're ready to strike!

Rafe's house has been under surveillance by two men who wish to break in to his vault of dangerous artefacts - and as soon as his back is turned to teach Ana magic, they take full advantage.

All of a sudden, Rafe and Ana find themselves chasing the thieves around the world - because if the loiterers escape, there's no telling what damage might be done...


The Whistle

Inspired by a series of whistleblowers, Scott and Jennifer decide the work they've been doing for their nefarious employers needs to be brought into the light.
But the company is prepared to go further than either of them could have ever expected to make sure the whistle stays silent.

The Whistle is a prequel to the novel The Human Trials, available exclusively at Amazon.



The Blood Lives - EXCLUSIVE preview

Ben Graham dreams of monsters.
He has done ever since he witnessed his mother's murder as a child.
All too soon, Ben will become such a monster, as he plots to kill the man who took her life.

But Ben will discover that not only are there real monsters out there...
He will learn that he is uniquely qualified to destroy them.

Because Ben's blood is not like everyone else's.
It's alive.
And it has a ravenous hunger that can't be sated.

In The Blood is a serialised novel, told in four parts over March-June 2017.



Murder at Raven's Lodge

Rafe Clarke is a magical private investigator. He's by no means a great detective, but sometimes the last guy you're willing to call is exactly the guy you need..

.There's been a mystical murder at the notorious Raven's Lodge.
As much as they don't want to hire a guy who gets hit in the face way more often than doctors recommend, he's their only hope.

But this murder is going to turn out a hell of a lot stranger than even Rafe could expect...