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Mark Gillespie was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He's a former musician who nowadays lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and small menagerie of four-legged rescue creatures.

He writes Apocalyptic Pulp Fiction - fast-paced apocalyptic and dystopian stories with a bit of horror thrown in for added chills and thrills.

He is the author of the Black Storm books ('suspenseful, gut-wrenching, thought-provoking') as well as the Future of London series (a 'masterfully written' dystopian saga in which a futuristic London has been cut off from the rest of civilisation).

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Boss Kelly

Mark Gillespie will take readers through a new plane of originality and suspense. With every page turning masterpiece, this authors truly stands out if the crowd as a <br /> remarkable storyteller whos never shys away from providing surrealism and creativity.

G M Sherwin

This cover gets me every time, just love it

Andrew Mackay

As a Brit author, it's always nice to see other author's interpretation of the future of where I live. Cut off from the rest of civilization? Given the current political climate, this book could very well be more prescient than readers give it credit for. Good work!

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