M.P. Fitzgerald is an author and amateur mad scientist based in Seattle, WA. He is dedicated to injecting the witty, whimsical, and totally belligerent stylings of Gonzo journalism into fiction. He writes stories across genres for misfits, weirdos, philosophers and pirates alike. If you have ever been halfway through a serious sci-fi or philosophical work and thought "hey, this could use a lot more drugs and insanity in it," then his fiction is for you!


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A. R. Arias

An eye-opening, inventive, and funny look at the apocalypse. Who knew the IRS could survive doomsday? And yes, they're still out to get you!

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Memos From the Wasteland

ICBMs outnumbered birds and mushroom clouds bloomed in every city. Now nothing is certain but atomic death and taxes. The IRS remains, safe in a government bunker. No one gave them the notice that they were obsolete.

Bleakly funny in all of the wrong places, Memos From The Wasteland contains five short stories from the United Wastes. Letters, diaries, memos and office tiffs paint a bitter picture where bureaucracy still reigns.

Contains "Activities".


Existential Terror and Breakfast: Season One

Malcolm Steadman will dial the suicide hotline in 90 days...
A man drowning in his own mind. Also pancakes. Malcolm Steadman is a completely average everyman whose life goal is to fit in. This, of course, is too much to ask for. Especially considering that he is also prone to paralyzing panic attacks triggered by everything from burnt toast to boredom. Can he win out against the mundane? Can he face the absurd? Drak, witty, and irreverent, Season One pits Malcolm against his worst enemy: his own eccentricities. Will Malcolm prevail against himself?

…Well, you know what happens in 90 days…