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M. G. Russell

Touching and sweet, well worth the read.

Caroline A. Gill

Intense read! Grab this and a cup of hot cocoa and settle in for a page turning romp!

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Steamy Days

Ashley is working her last summer at the lake. She'd just graduated and her new job doesn't start until August. What she hadn't counted on was encountering a man who pulled her. Someone she wanted to spend time with, even though she had other things to do.
Jared was recovering, from a gunshot wound and the after effects of the surgery that had saved his leg. He needed to get away from the city, and the stresses and temptations there. He never thought he'd find someone who meant more to him than any of it.



Ruger had his club and his brothers and that’s all he needed… Until the night Krissi walked into his bar. The girl drew him like a Harley. He knew it was a mistake but he let her go. She haunted him. No other girl could replace her.
Krissi ran from her father and the life he chose to live. She should avoid the bar and the bikers inside, but Drifters pulled at her and the tattooed and mysterious bartender could become an addiction if she wasn’t careful.
When Demented Souls business affects Krissi, her past, and her family comes out. Ruger has to decide if he can trust her, not only with his secret but brothers' secrets too. Can he trust her with their lives?


Waking up Cuffed

Warren wanted her, bad. Hayley had her career on her mind. Could they figure things out and make it work?

Officer Warren Hathaway has the hots for his new supervisor. He asked her out once, before she was his boss, and she turned him down. But damn, she's fine and he just can't keep her off his mind.

Sergeant Hayley Moreno is tempted by the tall, lean hunk of man, but her career is more important than any man, and sleeping with one of her officers, even if he's not directly under her supervision, will undermine her authority.

But can they figure it out?

Welcome to Highland County New Mexico. Where we take our heroes seriously.


Her Hot Cop

Never mess with your best friend’s sister.
That was the rule.
But what if she wants you too?

Don’t mess with your best friend’s sister
It was an unspoken rule
But could Jake resist temptation?

Temptation came in all shapes and sizes. It had been easier when Jake had an uncertain future and nothing to off er the sexy blond who’s very walk made him want things he knew he shouldn’t.

Andrea didn’t care what her brother thought. He’d run off enough of her dates she’d long since given up caring. But things become serious far more quickly than she’d planned. Is she ready for what lies ahead?

New York Times bestseller, Melissa Stevens draws us into her world with this gripping brother’s best friend romance. Get your copy now to see how it all unfolds.


Released by Desire

Teya wakes one morning to discover an unknown man lying beside her. She soon realizes her bedmate is the man she’s been dreaming about for more than 2000 years.
All this time, she’s believed he was merely part of her imagination, but she was so wrong. Jericho is now here, in the flesh. In the last place she expected to find him—her bed.
How will her fellow Quetzalcoatl take it when they find out she wants him? Much less the entire dragon Fraction of Las Vegas? Will the shifters she leads demand she step down, or can they be convinced to accept him?


Jade's Peace

Steve left home at eighteen to avoid doing something he knew he would regret. Now, ten years later, the girl he left to avoid has come looking for him, but she’s not a child anymore.

Jade has spent the last six years haunted by memories and nightmares. At a turning point in her life, she’s tired of waiting for something to change. She tracks down the only person she’s ever been drawn to, a man she hasn’t seen in more than ten years. But can she convince him that their differences don’t matter, that together they can both find peace?


Robin's Nest

After a car accident puts her in a coma, Samantha awakens to find her best friend, Robin, never left her side. While she recovers, Sam realizes there’s more between them than just friendship. However, she’s afraid that if it doesn’t work out between them, it will ruin their friendship. Sam’s brush with death gives her a renewed understanding of how short life really is.

Deciding the possible benefits are worth the risk, she faces the challenges from her over-protective family head on and leaps into life with both feet, but when more challenges come their way, can Sam and Robin handle them together?



A rattlesnake bite.

A moment of panic.

Everything changed in the blink of an eye.

Nickie learns the hard way, not only do shapeshifters exist, but she is one.

Now she’s learning to deal with increased speed, strength and healing and at the same time, thinking she's losing her mind because suddenly, she can hear things. To add to her challenge, she’s learning that people she thought she knew have secrets she never imagined.

Can Nickie navigate all these changes alone or will help come from an unexpected ally?