My name is Olivia Morgan-Gaines and I have been writing books inside my own mind, all of my adult life. I decided to put fantasies and real life events onto paper. Writing erotic fiction is my calling. With the help of the wonderful men in my life and a good imagination, I have some raunchy stories to tell.


Historical Romance
Science Fiction
Women's Fiction

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Tempting Scarlett - Erotic Love Stories of Two Halves (A BDSMerotica Submissive Romance Series)

Scarlett takes a morning off from her work to help a friend in need and someone who is being exploited in the worst possible way. Being owned rather than owed is the deal her new friend accepts and is more than willing to give herself to Scarlett.
With the help of a professional investigation team, she begins securing plans in place which could put her in a risky situation if she gets it wrong. She must help this young woman, there is no other way around it, and with her growing desires heavily invested in the outcome, her mind is made up.
As the evening approaches, and with Peter her master still away on business, it is up to her to keep Abby on track. If she does, the pleasures in her life will have only just begun.


A Lessened Scarlett - A Matter Of Discipline (A BDSMerotica Submissive Romance Series)

Even though her master is away for two nights, Scarlett is happy. She has been left with his wife, Abby to go wild with a selection of sex partners.
Neither husband or wife know of the other’s planned indiscretion, but Scarlett does, and she’s in control of her couple’s lives. She has their consent to make them happy, and without her intervention, they would have broken their marriage in pieces left alone.
Since Scarlett had planned her entry into her couple’s life and had successfully maintained their polyamorous relationship, she has encouraged them to explore boundaries and push to the limit of their collective and individual sexuality.
Soon, she will have their complete cooperation in the bedroom, and with the bargaining favors she is accumulating, they will both be begging for more


The Edge of Ecstasy - Scarlett's Secret Night (A BDSMerotica Submissive Romance Series)

Scarlett can’t quite believe her luck when Abby insists she spend the night with her husband, Peter in a New York hotel. The only downside she can see is having to keep her hands to herself throughout her work day.
Although Scarlett is an important executive at Peter’s company, & knows she must act the part when they are in public, she has deep-seated desires, & struggles to keep them contained. She knows the rules, but these rules are the hardest to obey.
Peter has scheduled meetings to attend during their short stay in New York, ones which she must attend too and be the dutiful observer. She cannot afford to make a mistake. If she slips up, even in the slightest, it will create a scandal. Scarlett must keep her wild side under wraps, well that is until they are safe in their hotel room.


Forever Scarlett - A Naughty Weekend of Tale (A BDSMerotica Submissive Romance Series)

Scarlett has it in her sights to help those she favors in her life. Her love drives her on. Being of superior intellect she has the foresight to predict outcomes. It is one of the many qualities that has her working for two billionaires and receiving at least two job offers a week. She has a choice, either sit by and watch those she loves most cause harm to their lives or intervene.
To take control in such a way would make her cross a line which is both professionally and morally wrong. Yet if she doesn’t, her relationships could be under threat, and she would rather die than let that happen. Her mind is set.
As she works her plan, she soon realizes that even the most intelligent people around her, her bosses, are happy to allow Scarlett to take the lead and plan and have control....


Naughty Before Nice - A Spanking Good Christmas - Abby had no other choice! Now Scarlett was there, they could play her game. Who needs limits anyway? Everything was in the hands of her husband. He was the one in control.

Abby had no other choice! She had to hold the company’s annual Christmas Party at her home this year, due to a last minute problem with her regular venue. Her husband Peter dumped his usual holiday celebrations with clients to help, and she owed him big time! Although she might not admit it to her husband, the evening offered the opportunity she’d been waiting for.
With one remaining guest, Abby needs to play it cool to keep her intentions under wraps. It was way too early for his birthday present, and besides, she wasn’t even sure if the gift she had for him was hers to give away. However, she knew one thing which played in her favour, and that was her husband’s insatiable sexual appetite, which was almost limitless!
Now Scarlett was here, they could play her game.


Bonnie’s Last Stand

Burying my One in a cave was harder than I could have imagined. I never gave him my all until it was too late. I always hoped I’d be the first to go, so he would take care of me and much later in our lives.
My urges grow stronger by the day, by the hour even. Since he was taken from me far too soon, I had become a full woman with desires I had never known exist. Before now my husband would have had to convince me to lay down with him, today, I would have my way with him for my constant and selfish pleasure.


Summer Tan

She pulls me to the shallows and sits me between her legs where she re-plaits my summer bleached hair. Halfway through finishing, she removes my bikini top, the water just covering my erect nipples, not that I am worried anyone will see as this is our beach. The water is warm but my entire skin goose pimples as she places a single kiss on the side of my exposed neck and tugs my head to the side ever so slightly with my unfinished ponytail.


Seeing Both Sides - Soul Cage - Olivia Morgan-Gaines & Simone Leigh

Nearly seven million users and not a single reported problem!

All thoughts are for myself and my chosen mate Zara - we maybe last in the alphabet but we are the first of our kind.

I awoke with hope and excitement for our three days together. I’d have a chance to finally win her heart?

The soul swap program said you couldn’t put a price on the out-of-body experience. They’d been right, the experience, priceless, yet was it to be a cost worth paying?


The Pursuit of Sexual Liberté - Naughty Has No Other Way (A BDSMerotica Submissive Romance Series)

Scarlett has been planning and scheming to get her couple to finally accept who they really are and what pleasure they most enjoy in life. She has set both the husband and wife on paths which will soon come together in a heated climax. Not only that, but she has extras players who are sitting in the wings waiting to join in and play their part.
Although focusing on her couple is her main aim, she has a friend in need. Her new friend, Esta, needs her help getting away from those who are exploiting her in the worst possible way. Esta, her friend and now lover, wants to be owned by Scarlett, and even though those are perhaps playful words, to Esta, they are deadly serious in their meaning and her obligations to her new mistress.
Scarlett must help fight those who stand in her friend’s way.


Scarlett. Mia's First - (A LGBT Submissive Lesbian Romance Series)

Scarlett runs her hand over her lover’s hip and follows the contour of her slim waistline, up to her shoulder, as she stares with unfocused eyes at her body.
She wanted this young woman, for sure, but would she give up all the others for her alone? The thought made her breath catch in her throat.
The events of the last 24-hours had given her cause to re-exam her life, not only morally, but who she wanted to be with too. She had been on the run from an ordinary existence the better part of her adult life in search of that special someone she could be content with.
Had she found the right person? She certainly had enough choices lately and having been shot at, she needed somebody she could lean on too.
Scarlett was still ambitious and wanted to be content too, and happy.


Catch and Release

Being bored and unchallenged can be dangerous for someone like Scarlett.
With time on her hands and eager to find an outlet, she is drawn into the world of FBI agent Ella Albus to fulfill her needs.
Can she help or is she out of her depth, swimming with the worst mankind has to offer. Success only favors the brave, with added inside information she should be unstoppable, yet could the truth be told?
It’s time for her biggest challenge, and a step into the unknown.
What could possibly go wrong?


Scarlett's Valentine - How Naughty Can Two Women Be (A BDSMerotica Submissive Romance Series)

Valentine’s Day was just around the corner and Scarlett, up until this moment, had been looking forward to celebrating this special day with her couple. She couldn’t have been happier. But as she sits, looking from one to the other, all she could think of was how she didn’t want them to argue over her, it was strange. There had been plenty of occasions in the past when she had listened to married couples disagreeing, it had been part of her job, but this was something completely different.
Scarlett had other ideas floating around in her head, she was arranging something special for Valentine's weekend, it would be naughty and memorable, and it was going to be her gift to her couple.
Abby was trying to get her point across to Peter, but couldn’t see he was actually agreeing with what she w


Scarlett's Presents - A Journey Of Expansion In Sexual Pleasures (A BDSMerotica Submissive Romance Series)

Scarlett’s life couldn’t be better. The sex was fantastic, and her couple worshiped the ground she walked on. The three of them shared the same pleasures in the bedroom, and she loved to be disciplined with a firm hand. The joy of her branding was more than words could express. At night, she shone brightly as Scarlett. She was on a high, riding the wave of recent expansion in her sexual pleasures.
In her day job, she was avoided by most people, it made it easier for her to blend in, become invisible almost.
Everything is well until Abby takes their secret a step beyond their agreed limit. Scarlett’s world and the grip she has on her master could become a thing of the past. The love her master has for her could be rescinded, in an instant.
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Making Scarlett - A Naughty Tale

Abby had no other choice! She had to hold the company’s annual Party at her home this year. This gave her the opening she had been waiting for.
Her husband Peter makes changes to his own plans to help, and now she owes him, but that makes it more exciting. She might be keeping a secret or two from her husband, but this temporary one is well worth it.
With the evening drawing to a close, and only one remaining guest, she was pleased that the evening events had gone her way. For now, Abby needs to play it cool and keep her intentions under wraps. It was way too early for his birthday present, and besides, she wasn’t even sure his gift was hers to give.
Abby knew one particular fact played in her favor this evening, and that was his insatiable sexual appetite, which was limitless!


Darker Shades of Scarlett - A Private Masked Party (A BDSMerotica Submissive Romance Series)

The event she would attend is a private masked sex party which all three of them have been to before, except her couple were unaware that Scarlett was ever there or was watching them from afar. She needed this party. If the situation didn’t change she could miss out on going with her couple. This was one event in her limited social calendar which was the ultimate place for her to express herself and push the boundaries of her relationship with Peter and Abby. The organizer knew her as Ms. Valentine and she wasn’t going to miss out, it was the one place she could really allow herself to explore her sexuality.
It was time to put her plan into action and get her couple fixed up and ready for action.
The stage was set for the performance of a lifetime!