Rob Gregson spent much of his youth reading fantasy novels, immersing himself in role playing games and generally doing everything possible to avoid life in the real world. In his defence, we're talking about the late 1980s - a time when ridiculous hair, hateful pop music and soaring unemployment were all very popular - so it wasn't altogether a bad decision. However, had he abandoned the realms of elves and wizardry at an earlier age, he might have developed one or two useful life skills and he would almost certainly have found it easier to get a girlfriend.

Since that time, he and reality have developed a grudging tolerance of one another although their relationship still goes through the occasional bad patch and his first two novels - Unreliable Histories and The Endless Land - are evidence of that.

Rob lives in Lancashire, although he has absolutely no idea why anyone should find that interesting.


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Cee Tee Jackson

I've read (while WIP) a couple of Rob''s books. Each is filled with strong characters and an understated, clever humour that doesn't get in the way of the plot. It would be lazy, and also inaccurate, to make comparison with Terry Pratchett novels, so I won't. For although I get the impression Rob's mind works in the same way as the great man, his presentation of characters and story sees him plough a distinct and individual furrow. <br /> <br /> Most definitely worth a read ... and purchase. ;)

Mark Roman

Read this – you’ll love it. It’s full of wit and charm and sly one-liners. Both a spoof of fantasy cliches, and a rather good fantasy in itself. A joy to read from start to end.

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Unreliable Histories

Myrah wants to know who she is.

Until now, she always thought she knew. The good girl; the dutiful niece. The quiet cartographer, forever helping other people to make their names and fortunes. But then a dying wizard tells her she once led a very different life; that her stifling world of quills and coin is no more than a fiction - an unplanned consequence of a magical quest that went extraordinarily wrong.

She's sceptical, naturally, but while dismissing the idea is the easy option, it might also get her killed. If the wizard's right, then her old past is out to get her. With demons and assassins in keen pursuit, surviving will mean learning the truth about a life she didn't know she'd led.

Unreliable Histories in the first in a two-part fantasy comedy.