A. J. Henry lives beside the pristine waters of Moreton Bay, Queensland Australia. He has several short stories in anthologies and published three novels. He volunteers as a guide at the local history museum and is currently working on an illustrated series of whales.


Teen & Young Adult
Women's Fiction


Faith Nightingale

A good read! A. J. Henry is such a talented writer. You should not miss this!

Author Siera London

The title alone drew me in!

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Ms Seagreen's Coastal Mystery-Whale Fall

Few people live in Waterman's Bend. One of them is a killer. Someone must know, but the townsfolk aren't talking.
No sooner had Sabine Seagreen and her pooch Charlish arrived in town when a whale is stranded. A dead whale is bad for business. To make things worse, radio host Andy Herd dies in the middle of his show. Sabine discovers no one in the town takes Officer Jim Bandama and his investigation seriously. She resolves to help. Together they uncover an awful truth--both deaths are linked. The discovery leaves Sabine with a heartwrenching choice.


Ms Seagreen's Deep Forest Mystery

Ms Seagreen dives into forest mystery
When Sabine Seagreen flees the turmoil of her former life to start afresh in a remote village, she never imagined she would become a snoop. Bodies are discovered in the forest and suspicion points to wildlife activists.

Out of the blue, a gangling hound turns-up on her doorstep. They become the best of friends.

As authorities struggle to identify the remains, Sabine and her pooch become sleuth-and-hound to uncover one of the island's biggest mysteries.
Follow the adventures in this cozy, first book. A quick, easy-to-read novel with no bad language, sex, or violence.