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Amy Lane has two kids in college, two gradeschoolers in soccer, two cats, and two Chi-who-whats at large. She lives in a crumbling crapmansion with most of the children and a bemused spouse. She also has too damned much yarn, a penchant for action adventure movies, and a need to know that somewhere in all the pain is a story of Wuv, Twu Wuv, which she continues to believe in to this day! She writes fantasy, urban fantasy, and gay romance--and if you accidentally make eye contact, she'll bore you to tears with why those three genres go together. She'll also tell you that sacrifices, large and small, are worth the urge to write.



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A Gentle Shove of Human Kindness

Witness the Angel Gabriel.

a.k.a. "Heaven's biggest prick"

Gabriel has been accused of the crime of hubris--and his sentence is to remember why angels protected humans in the first place. A permanent seat at Starbucks might be Gabriel's idea of hell, but it's there that he meets the irrepressible Jamie and wounded Ernie, and realizes that the human race might be worth saving after all.

It just needs a gentle shove of human kindness.



Scorched Haven

Zeb Crandall spent his entire life being the Third Spear Carrier to the Left--he wasn't that interesting, wasn't that memorable, and just plain wasn't that much to think about--even after his conversion to werewolf.
But he enjoyed being of service to his leaders at Green's Hill, and when a chance came to investigate the tainted werewolves coming up from Southern California and staging attacks on his home, he volunteers to check it out. Less than twenty-four hours later, he's on the run, trying to fight his way back up the state with a new friend in hand. 
Colton may have grown up in a tiny town, but he's seen enough to know that Zeb is one of the good guys. As Zeb hauls them through the state, one danger at a time, Colton realizes his luck in being rescued by one of the best men he's



Ficlets from Dex in Blue

Dex in Blue is the second book of the Johnnies series--they made such a charming couple that people asked for vignettes from their lives together, and I obliged. This freebie is 20,000 words of whimsy and humor--and hotness--featuring one of my most popular couples.