Ana was born in Portugal but has lived in the United Kingdom for so long, even her friends sometimes doubt if she really is Portuguese.

Ana Ashley writes sweet and steamy gay romance set in America, often in small towns where everyone knows everyone. She also publishes sweet and steamy gay romance with a European twist as Ana Newfolk.

You can find out more about Ana and her works-in-progress by joining her Newsletter at or visiting her website




Rhys Everly

A superb small town, two adorable men, a sassy little kid, and a fantastic cast of characters. It doesn't get any more Ana Ashley than this. <br /> If you're not fan of small towns and single dads after this than we can no longer be friends. Read this book now!

Elle Keaton

Can I move to Stillwater? Newcomer is a great starter novel from Ana Ashley for what is bound to be a great small-town romance series, I can hardly wait to read more of these!

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Der Urlaub: Eine Zimmer für 3 - Kurzgeschichte

Drei Männer.
Eine Hütte am Strand.

Ein Urlaub, der das Leben verändert.

Der Urlaub ist eine Stand-alone MMM Romanze, in der drei Männer vorkommen, die nicht anders können, als sich in der Enge einer Strandhütte zu verlieben. Es handelt sich um eine Kurzgeschichte in der Zimmer für 3-Serie.