Rhys Everly

Grumpy/sunshine stuck together in a farm and a character on the run from criminals? Sign. Me. Up! This was so cute and beautifully written. Absolutely loved Piedras Island and everyone in it! This book is Elle Keaton magic.

Samuel York

I loved this book. Elle knows how to write a great story. If you love a bit of intrigue along with romance, pick up Elle's book.

Lex Valentine

How can you not love a big sweet guy who drives a VW bus? Unfortunately, Elle's heroes start off on the wrong foot, and software developer Jude isn't impressed with Cullen's VW bus. But this opposites attract story will warm your heart as the two heroes warm up to each other. This the perfect story for a cold winter night and Elle brings all the feels.

Toshi Drake

I absolutely loved this crossover novel by Elle.<br /> The characters, Jude and Cullen, were so sweet and funny. I think I sighed more often than not in this novel. <br /> Elle’s writing flows and you can imagine the crisp air, the toasty fire and the simmering passion between the two men (and one bed) <br /> I love how she takes characters in such short stories and fleshes them out completely. You know these guys. <br /> Definitely take a chance on this beautifully written short!

Zoe Lee

I love the quick and easy setup - there's a mix up and Cullen and Jude have to share a small cabin during a storm - and how it lets Elle Keaton get right to the falling in love. These two are in different places in their lives, but since they're both at the cabin to think, it's a great chance for them to figure out where they really want to be - and who they want to be with too (of course)!

Autumn Breeze

Elle Keaton writes the kind of fulfilling romance you can read over and over again and Jude's Dude was no exception. Jude and Cullen, two completely different men from two completely different places in life, fell together by accident when they ended up staying in the same cabin during the holidays and discovered they had more in common than not. The short story was sweet and to the point and, like all of her books I've read, utterly satisfying.

BL Maxwell

I'm huge fan of Elle Keaton's Accidental Roots series with all of it's unique characters and mysteries waiting to be solved. Each book is it's own story with familiar characters that make appearances in each progressive book. Well worth a read.

Neil S. Plakcy

I love Elle Keaton's work and can't wait to read this one. Software + Vikings are a hit for me!

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Dante and the Arborist - A Never Too Late Short Story

An impulsive weekend getaway to the small town of Westfort hits the brakes when Dante discovers the sexy man he's had his eye on for years is suddenly unavailable. Should he stay or head home and lick his wounds? Dante decides to stay, at least for one night, if nothing else he can watch sappy movies and order in for dinner. Instead he ends up having the encounter of his lifetime with a sexy man who comes knocking on his door.
*No trees were actually injured during the writing of this short*