BL Maxwell grew up in a small town listening to her grandfather spin tales about his childhood. Later she became an avid reader and after a certain vampire series she became obsessed with fanfiction. She soon discovered Slash fanfiction and later discovered the MM genre and was hooked.
Many years later, she decided to take the plunge and write down some of the stories that seem to run through her head late at night when she's trying to sleep.


Teen & Young Adult


Devon Vesper

Double Black Diamonds takes you on a sweet ride that leaves you desperately wanting more! Trace and Jordan are perfect for each other, and it’s love at first sight.

LE Franks

BL Maxwell's Double Black Diamonds was a pleasure to read that hit all the high notes of a satisfying forced proximity winter romance between the hapless skier and the hot ski patroller who rescues him. Great chemistry! I wouldn't mind taking a deeper dive with these two.

Ashlynn Mills

When an unfortante skiing accident lands Jordan in the arms of a handsome ski patroler, breaking his leg suddenly doesn't seem so bad. This was a super sweet and adorable read with lovely characters you can't help but get invested in.

Lex Valentine

BL Maxwell takes you to Park City, UT for a novella about a guy who runs into trouble on a double black diamond ski run. Saved by a ski patrol guy with beautiful blue eyes, Jordan ends up staying with him for the remaining days of his vacation. This is a sweet story set in the midst of a cold winter with two men who are open to the possibility of love. It's the perfect heartwarming read for a cold afternoon.

Morgan Brice

BL Maxwell’s stories are always a great read

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