Autumn Breeze

Cold Blooded was a sexy rollercoaster ride I wasn't prepared for in the slightest. These two best friends were destined for one another but even the best laid plans go to Hell which wasn't a surprise considering their family situation. I thoroughly enjoyed the twist and turns in Cold Blooded and they kept me reading 'till the very last page. <br /> <br /> Ashlynn Mills captivating writing style ensures I will be reading any follow up books about Joey and Isiah.

BL Maxwell

This book will make you cheer for Joey and Isaiah to get their happy ending. Great read by Ashlynn Mills.

Neya Wara

What do you need in a good story? Angst and chemistry, and this book has both. I loved this story and enjoyed every interaction between the MCs. Ashlynn's characters left me wanting more of them, it's that good. Definitely click that download button!

Isha Fáng

Ashlynn's stories will break your heart, then make it whole. She knows how to make you weep and fall in love with her characters! She captivates your attention with angsty, hurt/comfort, and plenty of steam in her story! I loved this short story, and want more. Like a lot more.

Elouise East

Ashlynn Mills writes stories that make you want to read more about the characters and experience more of the heat between them. Well worth the read.

Amanda Meuwissen

Friends to lovers is a personal favorite of mine, and there is an innocent sweetness to this story, which balances against the dose of darkness of both MCs being from opposing mob families. There were some welcome surprises, which includes the ‘to be continued’ at the end, because this was only a taste of these two. The heated encounters are wonderful every time, one in particular made better by another favorite trope of mine—men in lingerie. Looking forward to more in this universe.

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