Elouise East writes sweet and steamy connections in gay romance. She also touches on taboo stories under the name Elouise R East.
Books that tell the stories where friendship and family are the focal point - be it blood family or chosen - are very important to her. That’s why she includes a variety of personalities, talents, ages, situations and abilities as she believes a story or character needs. She wants her characters to be real, to be relatable, to be free to have whatever views they tell her they have. And trust her, most of the time, she does not have any say in the matter!
Her characters come to life on the page for her as well as her readers. Their stories unfold in front of her as she writes, and she has very little input into how they want to be shown. Just like real life, the lives of her characters change with every choice, every interaction and every conversation. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.
She writes books that are emotionally realistic, even if liberties are taken with other aspects of the stories. She doesn’t know any other way to write. It comes from deep inside.
Who is she? A single parent to two children living in the UK. An avid reader who still tries to devour every book she can get her hands on. A student of learning about any subject that takes her fancy. An author of books she would read herself. And a romantic at heart who loves anything cheesy.




Mari Thorne

This was my first taste of Elouise East's writing and it won't be my last. With the rich setting of British pantomime, the support the characters give each other, and the sweet way their relationship develops, this story has everything to warm your heart on a cold night.

Emy Calirel

Age difference, artists, and a older character discovering his bisexuality sounded amazing to me, and Elouise didn't disappoint. What a heartwarming story. Micah and Declan have their faults, but they're perfect for each other and you can't help but root for them from the start. <br /> The presence of characters from other books is perfect for readers who already know and love Elouise, as well as a great way to discover her universe if she's a new to you author.

Stella Shaw

A peep into the world of British pantomime, which I love, and the hardworking professional dancers who perform in it, creating a theatrical backdrop to Micah and Dec’s blossoming relationship. Dec’s growing – and unexpected! - attraction to Micah is well handled, and Micah’s support is heartwarming.

Ashlynn Mills

While Declan was discovering himself, Micah became the understanding and receptive force that stood by him every step of the way. A moving story about the love two men found when they weren’t even looking for it.

Rachel Ember

Declan’s journey on a bisexual awakening at 45 reminds us that we’re never too old to learn something new about ourselves. Sweet, serious Micah felt like the breath of fresh air Declan needed. I also enjoyed the depictions of theater, family, and friends. A sweet read!

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