Emy Calirel grew up in France, but also spent some time in Africa as a child. When she finally reached adulthood, she jumped on opportunities and moved to California, then Ireland, before coming back to her roots. San Francisco still holds her heart, though, and always will.

After trying a couple different jobs, she settled down and now works in a funeral home/monumental masonry, which she loves. To handle life’s daily stress, she laughs with her coworkers a lot and spends any free time she gets reading or daydreaming about queer folks finding their happily ever after.

She’s a cat owner, a plant killer, and a San Francisco Giants fan. Wanderlust flows in her veins, and her goal is to visit every capital in Europe—if she can ever stop herself from going back to London over and over again.

Emy’s muse is a sassy being who expertly farms plot bunnies in Emy’s overgrown imagination. As a consequence, Emy has more stories and characters living in her head than she’ll ever be able to write in her lifetime. She’s fine with it, though, as, like a child, she loves playing in her sandbox.

A documentary enthusiast and curious to a fault, Emy often loses herself in research and will happily share her discoveries with everyone. Did you know most mammals empty their bladders in twenty-one seconds?




Rachel Ember

Trapped together one snowy night, Tamati and Jeff begin overcoming their respective, complicated pasts in order to find sweet new love together. Their charming romance takes place against the backdrop of a quirky small town and their businesses as a tattooist and baker. Fans of small town stories and more mature characters discovering unexplored aspects of their sexuality won’t want to miss this story!

Ashton Cade

This romance between a baker and a tattoo artist is as sweet and hot as the caramel the baker burns when he realizes his crush is stuck with him in a snowstorm. Emy Calirel writes in an easy style, interweaving the lives of the two gorgeous main characters, Jeff and Tamati, with obvious care as they navigate the heat of being snowed in. A confection of a book to curl up with and savor the warmth of love and lust during our own chilly winter days.

Elouise East

Emy Calirel creates characters with depth and full of a kaleidoscope of emotions. The love between the characters is tangible on every page. Well worth a read.

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