KP Maxwell

Long Winter is a gorgeously detailed, realistic contemporary drama full of angst and longing and set in the backdrop of a rural Nebraskan town in winter. A self-styled city boy, Lance, returns to his home town after the fallout from an abusive relationship with no one else to turn to other than his childhood crush, modern day cowboy/rancher, Robbie. Hot enough to warm your cold winter's night and threaded through with tender and sometimes painful childhood memories. Recommended for people who like realistic, character-driven stories with a heavy emotional current running throughout.

L.C. Chase

What a beautifully written story this is! There is an effortless elegance to Rachel Ember’s prose that I found myself sinking blissfully into, like a relaxing Sunday drive—or horseback ride, as it were. Robbie and Lucas are perfectly imperfect, their past complicated, and their desire a slow burn destined to ignite. They breathed from the page, and the setting was so real I felt like I could go to the ranch right now and see all of them. I will definitely be reading more from this author!

Naomi Aoki

When life sends Lance back to his hometown with little more than the clothes on his back, he finds himself relying on the one man who'd sent him fleeing the small rural town heartbroken. But now that he's returned, Lance discovers that maybe his love for Robbie isn't so hopeless.<br /> This is a beautiful story that quickly draws you in and refuses to let you go as it switches between Lance and Robbie's complicated past and their present.

Elouise East

Rachel Ember brings her world to life through well described landscapes and vivid depictions of the places and people in the story. The characters are well developed and you root for them throughout. Amazing stories.

Stella Shaw

An enchanting and heartwarming novel, with strong themes of family, love, and a long overdue second chance for two flawed but utterly lovable men. The setting was beautifully evocative, from the winter scenes, to life on the ranch, to the wild horses that watch over it all. I sank totally into the read and can’t wait for the next book from this author!

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