Jacki James

Stella Shaw's Dante had bit or angst to make it interesting but not too much to take away from the sweet. It was a great read!

Riley Long

What a sweet story! It had me worried towards the end - just enough angst to keep me turning the pages, but not so much as to bring me down hard. I loved every second of it!

A. M. Rose

We ventured outside of what we usually read with this one and have enjoyed the journey a lot. Dante is an amazing character, guarded, snarky but ultimately vulnerable and scared to open up to someone. He pulls you right in and makes you want to know everything about him. Blake is the perfect match for him, patient and caring but also ready to push Dante out of his comfort zone. And the heat between them is.....pheeeew!!!! Happy to see this is a start to a new series because the side characters were just quirky enough to make you want to read their stories.

Sophia Soames

A fantastic and promising start to this new series from Stella Shaw, Dante drew me in from the very first page. Set against an interesting backdrop, with fun and quirky side characters, this was a fun read with a pinch of angst, plenty of heat and passion and a very satisfying HEA.

Nora Phoenix

A sweet and sexy story with an interesting premise and wonderful secondary characters that had me hooked from page 1. I want to read the rest of this series for sure!

Gabbi Grey

A lovely novella about finding true love when you least expect it, and being accepted for who you are, including your past.

Suki Fleet

Sweet, fun story with lots of interesting characters I'd love to read more about. A very smooth read!

Autumn Breeze

Dante needed someone in his corner and Blake was the perfect person. They were hot as hell in bed together with just enough sweetness to make falling in love possible. I really enjoyed the fact they came together fast but it felt like the most natural thing in the world. Stella Shaw certainly knows how to craft a well rounded story with tons of emotion and depth.

Toshi Drake

This book was absolutely sweet and adorable with a hint of zing. <br /> <br /> Dante was a prickly bear and Blake was so calm waiting for the prickles to go away. (Ha! ) They were perfect for one another. <br /> I loved the hint of vulnerability Dante showed and how patient and accepting Blake was. <br /> The writing style flows and you’re easily transported to a rundown hotel with lots of happy people trying to fix it up, or you’re with Dante and Blake as they try to navigate a relationship that began as an escort service. I may have had a tear.. <br /> <br /> I would definitely recommend this book to the romantic types who need a sighing swooning fix.

Spencer Spears

Dante and Blake's story captured my heart. Stella makes all the characters at The Haven so real and unique (and the hotel becomes a character in and of itself), but Dante and Blake really swept me off my feet here. Dante is so sweet and brave, Blake so steady and determined, and they way they each unlock what the other needs made my heart sing. Stella's writing is evocative and strong and I cannot wait to go read the rest of the Haven stories!

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SAMPLE Arne - Love at the Haven 6

Friends-with-benefits is a practical arrangement—until it becomes something more.

Arne’s easy-going nature is sorely tried the night his kitchen’s almost set on fire. It’s the fault of admin assistant Simon, a man Arne’s treated with suspicion ever since Simon joined the Haven Hotel team. But when he has Simon in his arms, injured, vulnerable, yet full of sexy, prickly spirit to match Arne’s own—he starts to rethink.
When Simon confesses he’s struggling with intimacy, and Arne offers his practical help as an escort, it’s only meant as a joke. Until Simon accepts. He’s inexperienced and nervous despite his confidence at work, and embraces Arne’s sensual, unashamed instruction very eagerly. Alongside the passion, a friendship blossoms—and the vulnerability becomes emotional, too.