E. Davies

Spencer's stories are always hilarious, fun, steamy, and come with a big dose of feel-good smiles. A Very Naughty New Year is no different, grabbing me from the first page and making me read straight through to the end while blushing, laughing, peeking through my fingers, and sometimes all of the above at once! Trust me, you don't want to miss this one. Dive in and start counting down the new year alongside these endearing men.

Onley James

This book had me hooked from the blurb on. I begged for an advanced read and not only was it exactly what I expected and more, it was so sexy, funny and sweet I wanted to hug my kindle when it was over. The minute I finished, (I read it in one sitting), I told him I needed more of these two and luckily for me, he delivered. So not only did I find a sexy story, I found a new author to binge. Win/Win. I'm happily working my way through everything this author's written.

Stella Shaw

This was a riot! Two sexy, attractive young men in a passionate sexual affair, plan a secret overnight rendezvous in the parents’ house after a family new year’s party. One is still in the closet, the other is fending off matchmaking attempts by his parents, and meanwhile they’re also cheekily experimenting at the party with vibrating anal beads. What can possibly go wrong? LOL. Vividly and sympathetically drawn characters, a slice of well-meaning but frenzied family life, tons of laughs, and the fun side of sex at its best.

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The Beach

Deacon and Mal's steamy day at the beach comes with a very happy ending--in more ways than one.


Beneath Orion - Preview

The first lesson Colin Gardner ever learned was not to trust. Growing up gay in an abusive family, Colin made peace with never falling in love. He won’t risk the pain. Especially not for a guy who’s never dated men before. No matter how much he’s tempted.

Divorced dad Charlie Keller doesn’t date. He can’t risk his daughter growing attached and getting hurt. But when Charlie helps Colin out in a pinch, his world changes forever. He can’t ignore his attraction to Colin, but he can’t act on it either - can he?

When Charlie’s ex threatens to move his daughter across the country, he realizes his worst fears might come true. And when Colin’s past comes calling, he’s not sure he’s strong enough to fight it. Can Colin and Charlie make their stars align?


Sugar Season - Sneak Preview

After his husband Joey died, police officer Graham Andersen knew he’d never find that kind of love again. But what he’d had with Joey was more than some people ever get. He’d had his chance. He couldn’t ask for more.

When chef Ryan Gallagher is swindled out of his savings, it almost seems right. One more failure for his long list, one more way he’ll never measure up to his older brother. Joey might be gone, but he still overshadows Ryan.

When Ryan goes out to blow off steam, he doesn’t realize the hot guy he’s hitting on used to be his brother’s husband. Neither man can resist the desire they feel. But relationships require love. Love requires risk. And both men know this life offers no guarantees. Can their hearts move from winter to spring?


Paradise Island

Hot beach action and a surprise wedding proposal! Sweet and steamy, Paradise Island can be read as a stand-alone - but if you like it, you might want to check out Billion Dollar Bet, the book it's connected to!


New Year's On Your Knees

New Year's has never been Nick's favorite holiday, but when he and his boyfriend get locked in a bathroom at midnight, he discovers possibilities that bring him to his knees.


Four Play

Graham and Ryan decide to have a threesome with a sexy stranger. What they don't count on is running into their old friends, Trevor and Josh. After a few drinks, Josh makes an interesting proposition. Graham and Ryan could be in for the night of their lives. It just might be a bit more than they bargained...four. Four Play is a 9,000 word short story filled to the brim with sweetness and overflowing with steam


Worth Waiting For

Once a year, every October, Sam Fletcher is able to be with his boyfriend, John--who just happens to be a 240-year-old ghost. But this year John brings shocking news...


The Backseat

Graham and Ryan might be engaged now but that doesn’t mean they’re not still learning about each other. Tonight they’re exploring some new fantasies in the backseat of Graham’s police car. The Backseat is a brand-new, sweet and steamy, 8k-word short featuring Graham, Ryan, and other characters from Sugar Season.