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No Fear Bonus Chapter (No Shame Book 3.5)

This is a bonus chapter for No Fear, book three in the No Shame Series, that features an extra scene with Aaron and Blake. Only read this if you've read No Shame, otherwise it won't be much fun. Happy reading!



Ballsy (A Ballsy Boys Introduction)

Meet the men of Ballsy Boys Productions— Rebel, Tank, Brewer, Heart, Campy, and Pixie— the hottest gay porn stars in LA. They seem like they have it all: fame, money, and lots of good times, but what about love?

Join these sexy, cocksure men as they journey through love, lust, friendship...and of course, a whole lot of what porn stars do best.

Ballsy is the introduction/prequel to the Ballsy Boys Series, a super sexy MM romance series with plenty of good times. While this series does contain some instances of sex outside of the main relationships, it DOES NOT contain cheating. (5500 words)