Mari Thorne

I loved Adam and Nico! Even the grumpiest grinch can't say no to a sexy Christmas present in his bed. A sweet, fun read that did not disappoint!

Joel Abernathy

I’m a diehard fan of the stuck-inside-during-a-blizzard trope, and this story gave me exactly what I was hoping for. Absolutely loved it!

Stella Shaw

Adam is so determined to embrace all the Christmas joy, and it was great to see him gradually thawing Nico’s grinch-ness, including carol-singing! Lovely winter setting, and even though Nico had last-minute nerves, it was good to watch them discovering whether their physical attraction could be so much more.

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Night Shift

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When Officer Daniel Haddox wakes up one morning, and everything starts to go wrong, he knows it’s going to be one of those days. Things get worse when he’s sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation and prankster and all around dick of a nurse, Angelo, is on duty and ready to treat his injuries.

That night, a series of events unfolds that leaves Daniel’s head spinning. Will Daniel finally snap and give Angelo what he’s got coming? Or has Angelo got a different kind of fun in mind this time?


Another Shot

Ben's seemingly perfect life just went down the tubes. On the eve of his thirtieth birthday his boyfriend breaks it off and despite his better judgement he goes with his best friend to a strip club where he runs into the one that got away--or ran away, more accurately.

When his ex, Ian, now a stripper, makes a move and promises things Ben had long given up on hoping for, Ben has a decision to make. Does he get the closure he so desperately wanted or does he trust Ian with his heart...again?


Falling Apart

Rising rocker Ryder Sullivan has everything he’s ever dreamed of - a skyrocketing career, a band to support him, and a willing bedmate anytime he chooses. He’s sure something is missing and discovers exactly what it will take to fill the void when he meets an incredibly adorable bartender.

The only problem is that the flirtatious cowboy bartender, Billy Cunningham, is a traditional man raised with traditional values. Fighting against his mother's wishes for a wife and a house full of babies is tough, but living the Southern straight man values is tougher, especially when a hot rocker is making it very hard for him to resist.

Will Billy be able to give in to his heart before the chance to be with Ryder is lost forever?



Hayden and Steve

Bonus scene for _Lost in the Florist_ by Riley Long and Marie Cole.