Riley Long

What a fun little story! It was a quick read with feels and heat, and I loved every second of it. I love the stranded in a blizzard trope, and with a dash of enemies to lovers and sexual awakening, this story was perfect!

Corie Rosling

Joel combines everything I love to read in an MM romance, enemies forced to be together only to discover they were made for each other with a little gay for you thrown in. It's a great story that had me all in from page one.

Isha Fáng

Joel writes amazing stories. His stories will captivate you from the first word until the end. The feelings and emotions in his stories will grab your heart, then twist it, and make it whole again. Every story of his is unique, intriguing, and interesting. Love all his work and this story is just as amazing!

N.J. Lysk

A sweet erotic story about opposites who most definitely attract, on and off the ice!

Kai Butler

Joel Abernathy is a deft hand at making you root for two characters who seem to hate each other (but really don’t). This enemies-to-lovers romance was a charming story with a good amount of heat and the sort of satisfying ending that’s hard to earn on a short.

Marianna Forrest

One broken-hearted ice skater.<br /> One hockey player in denial.<br /> And, of course, one perfect, ill-timed snowstorm to trap them both in the rec center during Winter Break. (But is it really ill-timed?) <br /> <br /> Chase and Cameron couldn't be more different. Stature, appearance, and demeanor set them worlds apart, but that doesn't stop long-buried feelings from bursting through the ice in this short-n'-sweet whirlwind. An Enemies to Lovers story, On Thin Ice will thaw even the coldest of hearts.

DK Sutton

Joel Abernathy gives me everything I love in On Thin Ice. Opposites attract-check. Hockey players and ice skaters who hate each other-check. Pent up longing and hot and steamy sex-check, check, and check. This sweet story had me wanting more. I love this author's writing, and I can't wait to read more.

Kayleigh Sky

Awww... So sweet and fun. This is a perfect short read. Absolutely full of heart.

Neya Wara

OMG, Joel books are so good, I'm always eager to know if he's releasing a new book. And I'm excited about this short as well. I'm hundred percent sure it'll be just as good as his other books. Can't wait to dive into this beauty.

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His Best Friend's Daddy

My best friend’s dad is sex on legs. He’s the strong, silent type, and I’ve never been able to tell exactly what he’s thinking--which just makes him even more intimidating.

Even though I’m in college now, I’m sure Mr. A just sees me as a kid…until he invites me to stay for the weekend while his son’s away, and I find out exactly what he means when he says I need a Daddy.

His Best Friend's Daddy is a ~10k novelette exploring the new Daddy/boy dynamic blossoming between a mature, dominant Daddy and a college student who never thought Mr. A saw him as anything but a kid. Plenty of physical discipline play--and a boy learning how to bottom for the first time. No age play. 18+.


Fan Mail

Hey. I'm John Rals, the guy who has everything. Okay, so maybe I don't have the immortality or superhuman abilities of a brooding teenage vampire, but I make a fortune playing one on TV. I've got a hot rocker boyfriend, all the kids who bullied me in high school wish they were me, and if my award collection gets any bigger, I'm gonna need a bigger penthouse. So you tell me, how did a stack of fan letters from some kid in rural Maine become my most treasured possessions?

You could say it started with a case of mistaken identity. Namely? Mine. How exactly is a guy supposed to convince his soulmate to give him the time of day when he doesn't even remember his own life? I don't think my signature charm is gonna get me out of this one.

M/M romance, HEA.Contains mature themes and content.