Giovanna Reaves

ChrisMess by Isha Fang looks very interested, and since the story is about second chances, it's right up my alley; it's a must-read.

Joel Abernathy

Such a sweet and heartwarming story brimming over with all the feels. I hope you have a box of tissues and some chocolate with you when you read this one!

Corie Rosling

A sweet short of two men mourning the same man. One mourns a husband and lover, the other mourns a best friend. Romance happens when these two come together, finding out that love can come around again even in the midst of tragedy. When Blade keeps a promise to look after his fallen friend's family, he finds so much more than he bargained for. A great story.

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A Wolf Reborn Bonus Scene

This is a Bonus Scene. That is, this takes place after the epilogue.


ChrisMess Savior

Some are blessed to find love twice in a lifetime.

Weylyn loved his husband and their little family, but when he passes from active duty, life becomes more than he can handle alone.
Blade travels to Arizona to find the family his comrade and best friend left behind upon his death, only to find them homeless and struggling far more than he could have imagined. Determined to help them, he never expects to fall in love with Weylyn.

True love is only meant to happen once in your life.
But what if Christmas’ gifts you another?

Enjoy this omegaverse Christmas short filled with sweet romance and second chances.



Lovers at Heart

I left everything I love and cherish when I moved to Kailani Island. Including a cheating boyfriend of two years.
I was creating a new life away from all the heartaches and pains.
I was a whole new person.
Life was amazing. Simple.
Until it wasn't.
My past, the life I wanted to forget came back like a wrecking ball.
Now everything is tits up.
My life.
My business.
Most importantly, my heart.
Because River Reetz is in town, and he wants me.
I don't think so. right?