Writing Mpreg romances as Corie Rosling. I love writing M/M romances. When I discovered Mpreg romances, I discovered an amazing world I wanted to be a part of. Join me as I explore this wonderful Omegaverse world I created in Sugar Beach, a made-up town in South Florida. I hope you enjoy my stories. Thank you for stopping by.




Joel Abernathy

I LOVE snowed-in stories and unusual circumstances bringing people together—plus, it’s omegaverse, which I have a serious soft spot for. This sweet story did not disappoint! I absolutely loved every minute of it!

Isha Fáng

This sort has been one of those that grabs you from the start. I loved the writing style, Dialogue delivery, character development is good and precise for this short, and cute chemistry and story. It's left me wanting more. Thank god this is a prequel, and we'll get to Gage and Dustin again!! Definitely click that download button!

Marianna Forrest

A prequel for Rosling's Treasure's Hollow series, Dustin's Treasure follows the story of Dustin, new owner of a notable family distillery, and Gage, a runaway omega.<br /> <br /> Alpha Dustin never thought he'd find such a treasure wandering across his out-of-the-way property.<br /> Omega Gage never expected to find kindness in the dense woods of West Virginia.<br /> When danger threatens the poor little lost omega, what else could Dustin do but fulfill his duty as an alpha?<br /> <br /> Perfect for cozy winter weather, Corie Rosling's work pulls you in, and invites you to snuggle up with a good drink and a warm blanket. I'll definitely be checking out the rest of her work!

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