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L.C. Chase

This quick little read was definitely a creative - and kinky - take on the Christmas wish theme.

Abigail Kade

Satan's Surprise was a hot a steamy story that ticked all of my kink boxes. It's definitely not a sweet Holiday read and I love that!

Shane Morton

What a fun story! One of the things I love about Neya's prose is I am always surprised by the direction the story goes. Santa and Satan... Everyone deserves love.

LE Franks

What can Satan do with two hours of walking the earth in the skin of a stripper - well apparently quite a bit, and all of it naughty! Neya Wara's Satan's Surprise was a quick and fun read with an original premise that entertains.

Joel Abernathy

This was a wild ride from start to finish. Truly one of the most unique stories I’ve ever read, which is what I expect from this author! Don’t miss it!

Kaje Harper

Satan gets a taste of the human world in this quirky little story with some humor and imagination.

Ashlynn Mills

A different spin on the underworld and its ruler. If Santa granted you one wish a year everytime you were good, what would it be? Turns out not only humans have things they wish for. While they yearn for things unheard of like meeting Satan, all the prince of the underworld wants to do is visit earth.

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Wicked Seal Bonus Scene

This is a bonus After the Wicked Seal story has been concluded.


Satan's Surprise

Surprise!!!! Satan’s coming to town!

I have only got two hours,
but I’ll make this visit to the land of the living worth it.
No wasting time. No behaving.
Debauchery and adventure is to be had!
And I have just the human to possess--a human male stripper.
Let's see how the night rolls, or twerk maybe.

Note: There's mild blood-play.