Beth Laycock

Another fantastic story in this series. If you enjoy cowboy stories you'll love this one.

RJ Scott

This story just blew me away. LC Chase is an auto-buy for me, and this is one of the loveliest MM Romance, cowboy, and snowstorm stories I've read :)

Taylor V. Donovan

Perfect novella that checks all the boxes. Idyllic setting, Interesting characters, realistic backgrounds, credible inner struggles, and that epic feeling that love conquers all. Highly recommended for anyone looking for an emotional story that might bring tears to their eyes.

Gabbi Grey

A charming story about a cowboy, a musician, a young boy, and a song that changes everything. A great read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

LE Franks

Lovely and hot Cowboy/singer change encounter romance with a ton of heart. Loved it!

Stella Shaw

Two totally adorable and sympathetic men meet by chance – and with more than a few sparks! – and both have to re-evaluate what they want in life and love. It all happens over a short period but the connection between Ben and Harlan is believable, undeniable, and captured my heart. It was an extra treat to see them settling into a family as well as enjoying their own attraction.

Neya Wara

This is a fantastic love story. I have been captivated by it from the get go. I'm in love with Harlan and Ben, and their story. And Little Tanner... gah, he's so cute (i'm making heart eyes). Oh, and there are horses and musics and trucks. You get the picture? If you have read what I've said about this sweet, sexy short story so far, then do me a favor and click on that download button and devour it like I have. You will not regret. Promise :)

Timothy Warren

Harlan Bennett was abandoned by his husband, and now all he cares about is raising their son, Tanner… alone. But Ben Marshall has come to town with his good looks and his guitar and reawakened something in Harlan. Will Ben be able to convince Harlan that there is still room in his heart for a second chance at happiness? L.C. Chase knows how to write about cowboys and “A Song for Harlan” is a perfect example.

Amanda Meuwissen

A single dad will always win me over at the start of a romance, but these characters were also instantly likeable and real. The MCs had a palpable insta-lust that worked like gangbusters for a couple of cowboys described as sexy as these two, but the romance was something they had to earn, which made it even better. MC Ben singing and playing guitar was a great bonus, but my favorite part may have been how even the lovemaking included language like musical instruments keeping rhythm. Then, when I thought this sweet budding romance was enough as it was, add some hurt-comfort during a snowstorm, push and pull angst, and fate intervening, and I was hooked. Gorgeously written!

Lex Valentine

L.C. Chase gives us a one burned twice shy cowboy and a musician unsure of what he's looking for in a heartwarming story about finding where you belong. This is a well crafted read that just might bring a few tears to your eyes.

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