Andy Gallo

This is a really sweet, second chance romance, that while not a 'historical' deals coming out before Gay Marriage was legal. It hits spot on with all the feelz and shows the barriers to love before we could love who we wanted. The setting, details, and traditions added to the loss, tension and hope for a second chance. (Oh and then there were the children.) It packs a lot into a short story, and I highly recommend it.

Isla Olsen

A sweet story about old friends reconciling and discovering potential for more

L.C. Chase

This well-written short and sweet story about two meant-to-be-together men reuniting twenty years later delivers heartfelt emotion and promise in true Taylor Donovan style. Definitely worth the read!

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Should be catching killers, not feelings.

Unlucky in love and hopelessly single, FBI Special Agent Alexander Kostaspiropoulos is dealing with an unrequited crush on his teammate and best friend.

He’s not happy about that.

He keeps reading too much into everything SA Duncan Kowalski does and says.

He’s even less happy about that. 

But an unexpected gesture might prove it’s not all in his head.

*This is a 7,353 words slice of life set in the By Degrees world.