Elle Keaton

Super angsty (which I love) tale of Gunnar and Kelly's second-chance-at-love. Lex Valentine's poetic and powerful storytelling drew me in from the very beginning, even though this story is short no facet is left out. I loved it all, the meddling friends, the moment they meet again, their reconciliation--you definitely want to read this one and then you'll want more!

Jaime Samms

No one does angst with the amount of conviction and emotional detail as Lex Valentine. For Gunner and Kelly, it's been a long wait for their happily ever after, and for fans of Lex's a long wait for a new story. It has been more than worth that wait. This was an intense and rewarding holiday story.

Kayleigh Sky

Such a tearjerker! Kelly and Gunnar are two guys I really wanted to see heal their wounds--despite the pair of them being very slow learners lol. But life has a way of doing a lot of damage to us sometimes, so seeing Gunnar and Kelly fight their way back into each other's lives and get their HEA was great fun and really rewarding. I enjoyed it!

BL Maxwell

Who doesn't love a story of love lost only to be found again. Kelly isn't expecting to meet up with Gunner, the love of his life that disappeared years ago. But when a friend intervenes it's up to them to work out their issues. This is a great read, their chemistry is off the charts, and their love shines through.

L.C. Chase

A sweet little tale of two broken-hearted men finding their way back to each other. It’s nice to see Lex Valentine back writing again!

H.L Day

A sweet, well written story about two men, thankfully, not stupid enough to make the same mistake twice.

Elizabeth Silver

Lex Valentine is a fantastic writer. She gives us flawed, lonely men who obviously love each other, and doesn't hand wave over the complications they'll need to overcome in order to enjoy their well-deserved happy ending.

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