Quinn Ward

Oh man, I don't know who I love most in Getaway Glam! Jan is amazing, and I loved seeing August come into his own. But Mildred... I never thought I'd fall in love with an opinionated house! I love the Oaks B&B and will definitely be grabbing more of Jaime's books!

Lex Valentine

As a long time fan of Jaime Samms, I know how well she does men who embrace their femme side. This novella is no exception. August is endearingly shy and nervous about the carpetbag of clothes he brought on a winter getaway with his best friend. When she doesn't show but her hunky father does, August's heart goes into overdrive. The object of his crush is older, but also endearingly awkward at times. These two men finding each other is a fun winter story that will warm your heart. And the almost sentient house will make you laugh out loud.

Marianna Forrest

One glamorous get-away for two, one precious attraction.<br /> And a charming, and totally-not-haunted bed and breakfast named... Mildred?<br /> <br /> Librarian and self-proclaimed book nerd August is not a spontaneous man. Artist and woodworker Jan never claimed to be the perfect man. <br /> When a freak snowstorm closes the way only way out, and August’s biggest secret is revealed, he learns a few new things about himself and Jan.<br /> <br /> One thing is sure: Clothes really make the man.<br /> <br /> As a reader, this was my first “men in lace” book, and I’ll definitely be checking out some more after reading Jaime Samms' work!

Stella Shaw

A pitch-perfect story of August’s voyage of discovery, both in love and in finding, and expressing, himself. It was a great treat to revisit the world of the Oaks, and the building’s enchanting and mischievous meddling in its guests’ lives! But centre stage is reserved for the outwardly mis-matched couple of August and Jan to find their common ground, their mutual respect, and a delightfully romantic sparkle to the time they spend together. Evocative scenes of winter and small town life, and I just loved seeing August embrace his secretly adventurous heart.

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