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Joel Abernathy

Second-chance romance? Grumpy-meets-sunshine? Yes, please! I loved diving into this story. Adorable, sweet and funny all at once!

Lex Valentine

This second chance novella is as sweet as peppermint hot chocolate! I had damp eyes when I read the scene the title came from. Two men, one contest and a scavenger hunt like no other, this heart warming tale pairs two men who fell in love as teens and find each other again while competing to win a Christmas Tree farm. It's one of the best reads of the winter season!

Andy Gallo

There is so much to like about this story. The characters are vibrant, well defined and likable. They have great chemistry, even when they don't (read the story, you'll get it.) The setting is magnificent and adds a lot to the story. There are some really fun scenes where you feel like you're there helping the two find their way back together. This is a sweet, low angst, oh so satisfying story that kept me up well past my bed time because I had to finish it. A really fun read!

Rachel Ember

This story could make the Grinch crave Christmas and the purest cynic believe in second-chance love. It's a delight!

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